Welcome to Ale Golf Club

Ale Golf Club offers an excellent facility with a beautiful 18-hole golf course and a 9-hole Pay & Play course. Our main golf course has been ranked as one of the best courses in the Gothenburg area. We strive to be associated with warm hospitality and the very best in golfing traditions. We want to ensure that all visitors to our club will have an enjoyable and memorable day. You can easily reach us off highway E45 located only a few minutes from the golf club.

The courses are located on old historic farmland which once belonged to Alfhems Kungsgård which dates to the 14th century and even long before that there were people living in the area. We have some ancient sites on the property that show that there have been people and culture here since the Stone Age, as well as traces of civilization from the Bronze and Iron Age. The courses follow the natural shifts in the landscape and has, through centuries of farming, a natural drainage of rainwater. This allows us to maintain high-quality courses over a long season.

Below you will find quick access to the pages on our website that we believe you are most interested in as a visitor. You are, of course, more than welcome to browse around on all our pages, but unfortunately not all of our information is in English. However below information is with some exceptions in English and when not, we hope that the information is mainly self-explanatory.

You are always welcome to contact us by phone: 46 303 336033 or email: info@alegk.se